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Stuck in traffic? Great. Here's your chance to win a prize

Sept. 12, 2012, 5:07 a.m. » contest , traffic

Alert the world about that terrific traffic jam and be rewarded with a fabulous gift voucher. Every day!

Traffic Jam

A gift voucher of Rs. 1000 could be yours if you send us your traffic alerts beginning from Thursday Sept. 13, to Wednesday September 19th. Remember we seek quality, not quantity. Repeated submissions will not make you a winner. But if you are the one with the most helpful alert during the previous 24 hours, the prize is yours.

It's simpler than a,b,c. Visit us at, enter the location of the traffic jam and hit send.

Congratulations if you are today's winner. If not, try, try and try. Tomorrow could be your day. Don't forget to sign in before you send your traffic alert, or we would have no way of contacting you.

The winner will be announced at 5:30 pm each day.

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