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If it's not on it's not on the road

Tweet about that traffic jam and win a prize.

Jan. 15, 2013, 6:06 a.m. » contest

A  gift voucher of Rs. 1000 could be yours if you tweet your traffic alerts starting from noon on Tuesday Jan. 13, to midnight on January 22. Just mention @road_lk at the end of your tweet to be eligible for this contest. Five winners will be announced on the 23rd afternoon.

traffic jam

The rules are simple, follow @road_lk on twitter and then whenever you are stuck in traffic tweet about it mentioning @road_lk in your tweet. Please try to be specific about the exact location of the traffic jam. No hash tags are needed.

Remember we seek quality, not quantity. Repeated submissions will not make you a winner. But if you are send one of the most helpful traffic alerts during this period you could win one of the five prizes on offer.

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