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We are relocating the Town Hall Bus Stop

Jan. 16, 2013, 6:17 a.m. » Colombo , sri lanka

Colombo Town Hall

Town Hall is a famous building in the heart of Colombo, the home of the Municipal Council. Colloquially the area around the building is also known by that same name. Consquently, you can board a bus and ask for a ticket to 'Town Hall'. For good measure there are two bus stops conveniently located on either side of it. On the map though, one of those bus halts are actually marked as being located inside the municipal council premises

This has lead to the creation of a ghost hot spot in our traffic heat map. In other words, a location that's not part of the road network shows up as a red ember. This is because 'Town Hall Bus Stop' is a popular selection from the places drop down when people report traffic congestion. We usually move the markers manually to the correct location but the moderator has clearly missed a few.

The new draggable markers feature we introduced recently will hopefully reduce number of occurrences in the future. However to fix the old data, we had to relocate the bus stop!

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