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Traffic Intensity Map

Jan. 19, 2013, 2:34 p.m. » heat map , sri lanka

Which part of Colombo has the most traffic? Is the Colombo Kandy road more congested than the Colombo Negombo road? Which provincial city has the most traffic? We are in a position to give a definitive answer.

We have plotted the first 1000 traffic alerts that we have published on to produce a traffic heat map for Sri Lanka. As the number of traffic alerts for a particular location increases, it's color slowly changes from green, through yellow to red. If you home town doesn't have any overlay at all, you are one of the lucky few living in a traffic free area.

extract from the heat map

The image above is an extract from the heat map, you can click through to see the interactive version. You can drag on the map to reposition it, zoom out for a birds eye view or zoom in for a real close up.

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