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A deserted Colombo

Jan. 28, 2013, 8:33 a.m. » empty roads , flood , statistics , weekend

In Sri Lanka, it's always summer but that doesn't mean we have an year long summer holiday. The exact opposite is true. The most likely place to to find a long summer holiday in Sri Lanka is within an Enid Blyton story book. So we make do with a lot of holidays scattered all throughout the year. This year, many of these scattered holidays, just happen to fall on a Friday or a Monday, leading to blessed long weekend. These long weekends of the kinds that we just experienced, tend to to leave Colombo a virtual ghost town with the large floating population heading back their home towns

A deserted Colombo

This is the traffic alert map for the city during that time. It looks like an ordinary map because our familiar traffic hotspot markers are entirely absent from this section of the map. Instead, these markers were scattered all over the country. Sadly some of these markers from the eastern province, are places where the roads were under water due to heavy rain and floods.

Distribution of alerts during the long weekend

By Monday most people were back in Colombo. By afternoon we had published twice as many traffic alerts in half a day than we did the whole of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is what the city looked like then:

Colombo, 29th Afternoon

If you visit the traffic alerts page and zoom out one level, it looks much worse!

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