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Feb. 11, 2013, 4:02 a.m. » bangladesh , site

Over the weekend we made some changes to the traffic alerts section of our website. The most significant perhaps is the addition of the draggable markers feature. This is the same feature that was added to the Android app just a few weeks back.

The traffic search page and create new alert page both provide an 'auto complete' feature. When you type part of a place name the system will show you a drop down list of place names. THis is particularly important for mobile users where it's more difficult to type long items of texts. We rely on the Google Places API for this auto complete feature. That means the exact list of place names in the drop down is not in our control. The new feature makes it possible to select the nearest position and then drag the marker to get a more accurate result.

Another big change that we made, was to start the processes that mine twitter for traffic alerts from Bangladesh. Following is the very first one we picked up. It's a geo located which by a strange coincidence comes from a Sri Lankan living in Dhaka.

Some minor changes include traffic alert page that loads slightly faster than before and changes to the User interface. Buttons which were previously at the bottom of the page have been moved towards the top for easier access.

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