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Launching in Bangladesh on Sunday

April 27, 2013, 4:06 a.m. » Bangladesh

Finally we are ready to go live in Bangladesh tommorow. But before we start, we need to answer a question that many people from Bangladesh has asked us: “Our roads are always full of traffic how are you going to change that?” The answer is that it's not an attempt to take vehicles off the streets. We are going to help you zing around the traffic. With the use of crowd sourcing, you will be able to find out which roads are even more congested than average. Similarly you can also find out which part of your city has less traffic than usual.

Traffic Jam in Bangladesh

Now you may ask, “how does this information help?” Suppose that journey that you are about to take is not an essential one, then you can postpone it and cut down on the amount of time that you spend fuming in traffic. Or suppose that your usual route to work is jammed, with this information at hand, you can take an alternative route. What if the alternative route is also jammed? Once enough people start using the traffic alert system you will hear about that too.

We launched this system in Sri Lankan in September of last year. Naturally at the start not many people were sharing traffic alerts but as more and more people became familiar with the system and the user base grew more traffic alerts started to come in and now a large number of people use it on a daily basis to plan their journeys and save both time and money.

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