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Is Bad driving is the main cause of traffic?

July 2, 2013, 7:19 a.m. » poll , roadhog , traffic

We asked what is the main cause of traffic on Facebook and received lots of different answers. We had asked this question almost an year ago. As described in a recent post, we wanted to see if the answers would be any different this time around. It turned out to be very different in fact, but in the end the conclusion was the same.

What is the main cause of traffic jams?
Option Votes
Bad driving 912
Traffic police 412
Too many vehicles on the road 368
Poorly planned city/road network 124
Narrow streets 47
Pedestrians 20
Rickshaw 20
Private car 16
All of the above 25

Answers were different because the participants were allowed to add their own answers rather than selecting from the available options. Altogether, there were thirty five different answers this time (compared to just five the last time). However upon close inspection they weren't really 35 different answers after all because many of them could be broadly categorized as bad driving which was the number 1 choice. So these options were in fact lumped together under that category and the table above shows the summarized result. In the process we have removed one or two irrelevant answers as well to make the result more meaningful.

It's quite clear however that the overwhelming majority of participants in the poll felt that bad driving is the main cause of traffic. You can see the original poll on FB at

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