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A New Competition.

July 1, 2014, 3:56 a.m. » contest , leaderboard , badges

We have started a new competition where we will be giving away prizes for the users that occupy the top 20 positions on the leaderboard by the end of July.

How exactly do you nail down one of those spots? Each time you contribute a traffic report or post a photo of a roadhog, you are awarded a certain number of points. These are added up to determine your position on the leader board. Currently the #1 spot is occupied by achiralk and he climbed to the top by sending in a large number of traffic reports. It seems unlikely that anyone will be able to dislodge achiralk or any of the others in the top 5 during the time frame that the competition runs but the other places in the top 20 are up for grabs. The following figure is a snapshot of the leaderboard as it stands on the first of July. No doubt it will have changed quite a lot by the end of the month.


Leaderboard snapshot as at Jul 01, 2014


If you already occupy a place in the top 20, this is the time to consolidate your position. If you do not appear on the leaderboard at all, you can get a head start by completing your profile and connecting your social media accounts to when you complete that simple task you will have 250 points next to your name as well as four badges. Please also note that repeatedly submitting irellevent traffic reports or photos may result in your being disqualified from this competition. 

So what exactly is the prize that we are offering? It will be a T-Shirt.

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