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Traffic summary for June

Aug. 30, 2014, 1:11 a.m. » flood , june , traffic , summary
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June would have been a quiet month without much traffic but the weather gods had other ideas

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Even when the rains don't bring floods with it, congestion still increases. That's primarily because poor visibility makes drivers more cautious and slow. But it has also been noticed that more people tend to use private vehicles and taxis on rainy days further aggravating the situation

Of course it wouldn't be Sri Lanka if there weren't a fair number of jams caused by bad driving. As shown in this twitpic, drivers needlessly create traffic jams by not giving way or hogging up two lanes. If you come across such roadhogs, please take a moment to post a photo here. Hopefully we will be able to embarrass at least a few of them into changing their ways

And then there were train delays, Sandun Ranasinghe saw this instance as an opportunity to take an artistic photograph

Did we mention protests? Hardly a month seems to pass without a protest or demonstration of some sort leading to traffic. It's very rarely that organizers provide advance notification of their routes and timings

Many people believe that the number of SUVs on Sri Lankan roads happen to be disproportionately large. Many of them have never been driven off road. But maybe people buy them for eventualities like this.

So how did all these factors add up? There was an average (mean) of 34.8 reports per day. Of these 27.5 were reports that the traffic is heavier than usual. This compares with a figure of 18.9 for .

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