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Traffic Summary report for July 2014

Sept. 29, 2014, 12:48 a.m. » construction , e3 , strike , summary , statistics

In last month's report we spoke about how bad driving is often the main cause of traffic. As we can see in this twitpic, someone driving on the wrong side of the road is causing a lot of trouble for other drivers

Sometimes the result of bad driving isn't just traffic it can be much worse.

Is that also an accident or just taking a nap?

As often happens in Sri Lanka the worst congestion is caused by protest marches and that's why press Photographer Sanka Vidanagama who covers them gets featured quite a lot in these blog posts.

Clearly building new roads is not the solution for traffic jams. Pretty soon you find that even the newly built roads are just as congested as the old ones.

And while those roads are being built or existing ones are being expanded, a countless number of man hours waste away.

Close down a busy artery in the middle of the work day? no problem

We've been doing train delay alerts for quite sometime but sometimes, so do please send them in if the train you are on is running even later than usual

Now we reach the numbers game. How many traffic alerts did we have on average for the month of July? It was 27.8 and 25.4 if you disregard the number of reports that said traffic is lower than usual. For June it was and for July of last year it was 26.3

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