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Share a ride to TweetupSL 5

Dec. 17, 2014, 11:52 p.m. » tweetup , sri lanka , rideshare , carpool

You probably know already, that TweetupSL 5 is just around the corner. This time it is at Orion City on Baseline Road, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on the 20th of December.

If you are planning to head for the event, to meet the other tweeps from Sri Lanka here's your chance to either get a free trip or offer a trip to another tweep and earn some dough.1

Ride share

We have been planning a dynamic car pool service for quite a while. One that would allow you to share a ride anywhere within Sri Lanka. As a special pre-launch offer, we at, are making it free for all TweetupSl 5 participants to share a ride with a fellow tweep. Those who will be travelling to the venue in their own car can pick up a passenger and we will be paying them for the ride. Those who choose to travel as passengers get to travel for free in safety and comfort.

Either way, it's a cool way to make it to TweetupSL this year.

How it works

Once you enter your starting location, the system will work out the route to the venue and save it to our database. It will also compare your route with entries that have already been saved. If we find a route that overlaps with yours and the time frames are also compatible, you will have a match. Chances are you will in fact get many matches. You can either choose to maximize the overlap or choose to travel with someone known to you. You can make use of the messaging system to discuss and clarify details such as the exact location of the pick up with your ride share partner.

So come on let's get started.

Small print

When you offer a ride to a fellow twitter user, we will calculate your income as Rs 25.00 per km of shared travel. The funds will be credited towards your account balance. These funds can be utilized for other carpools when our service launches fully in January.

Let's carpool!

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