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September 2014

Jan. 6, 2015, 4:40 a.m. » carpool , summary , traffic , expressway , chart , elephants

Colombo's never ending traffic situation. 😓 #crazy#insane#traffic#colombo#duplicationroad#grr#

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Never ending traffic? The only way to reduce traffic is to take cars off the road. There is a method that costs nothing, in fact it saves a lot of money; Carpool. We recently had a preview of our carpooling service for TweetupSl 5. Watch out for the full release announcement.

Widening roads to reduce traffic doesn't work. The construction might even drag on for years, during this time it causes immense hardship because traffic is constricted into just a narrow section of the road. And by the time the construction finishes the number of vehicles on that route has increased significantly which means things are back to exactly where they were before the start of the project.

To state the obvious; If the number of vehicles suddenly reduces at a junction (as might happen for whatever reason) even narrow streets like this one dramatically become traffic free.

Roads around Galle Face aren't narrow by any stretch of the imagination, but always congested. This photo was probably taken at a time when an accident or road closure somewhere nearby reduced the number of vehicles entering this location


Highway Check out Que #Srilanka #Traffic

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It's almost become tradition for us to post a pic of the Peliyagoda interchange. 20 minutes from Katunayake to Peliyagoda, 20 minutes at the toll gate. As more people start using this expressway these two numbers are going to head in opposite directions. Yes, we've finally come to the numbers. There was an average of 30.3 published traffic alerts per month (29.8 if you disregard 'no traffic today' reports). This is close to the figure of 26.9 for the previous month.

Elephants figured in the August report as well. Our sympathies are entirely with the elephants.

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