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Death traps and floods

Jan. 16, 2015, 4:27 a.m. » strike , protest , flood , summary

Not every report that we send out is a traffic alert. We sometimes find ourselves sending out reports like this one; which happens to be a potential death trap heavily used main road. It's not an exaggeration people have died from falling into man holes.

What about accidents? We recieve lot's of reports about accidents but we don't publish many of them. Our criteria is that the accident should be causing traffic like this one did.

The third kind of reports that we publish happen to be about floods.

When you mention floods often people think they effect only far away places, while the previous report isn't exactly from a city center, the next one certainly is.

Protests? Yes we cover them too along with occasional suggestions about how to spend your lunch break

Many organizations engage in street protests, but this is probably the first time we had seen a protest by the then main opposition UNP causing traffic. Though no one knew of it had the time, it was a sign of major upheavals

Sometimes the protesters are engine drivers or bus drivers. That makes like very unpleasant for the commuters

Then we have humorous reports like this one.

And then we have the numbers

Traffic chart for October 2014

The average (mean) number of traffic reports published for the month of October stood at 34.5 . This is significantly higher than the figure of 28.0 for the same period last year. Once you deduct the 'all clear' type of reports, the number is 34.6. In September we had an average of 30.3 reports per day

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