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The website get's a facelift.

Jan. 25, 2015, 11:12 p.m. » android app , traffic , website

Since inception the user interface of our website has undergone a few modifications but we have more or less stuck to the same theme. Till now that is. The latest update makes some big changes. We feel the new look is more user friendly and streamlined. The biggest change of course is that where ever a map is displayed (and there are many places where that happens) it occupies nearly all available screen space. Any text that's displayed will be over layed on the map.

What you see above are screen shots of the traffic alert section on a medium resolution mobile phone. If you visit the same page on a high resolution large format tablet you will see the same consistent look, but the space is better utilized. We have also copied the same look to other sections such as saved GPS tracks and when our carpool service finally launches it will have the same look as well. In fact, that's where we first tried it out.

This is what the site looks like on a tablet

By the way, there's a description of what each button does on in our help desk. We will be launching a new version of our Android app tomorrow that mirrors the same appears.

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