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The old and the new.

Feb. 1, 2015, 1:30 a.m. » summary , flood , election , mahapola , chogm

The usual suspects in causing traffic jams get hauled up here very often, but sometimes we see something new.

That's supposed to be a walk but they looking more like trucking. Oh never mind. It can be dangerous though. We don't however report about accidents very often. Unless it's something like this one which happened on a busy artery and caused chaos

Traffic lights that seem to have a split personality might seem unusual at first, but if you read this blog regularly you would know that they have made plenty of apperences.

Even when the traffic lights are not faulty, some policemen take it upon themselves to switch them off and control the flow. The general consensus is that it's a bad idea but they keep doing it anyway

Baby pools on the middle of the road happens far too often. While floods in November seemed bad enough at the time, that was nothing compared to what happened in December

Trains parked three deep at the station seemly without having a long chat without any intention of breaking it off, well that's nothing new either.

The bridge across the Diyawanna bridge cause plenty of trouble for two years while it was torn down and a new one was erected in it's place. If anyone who expected that the traffic would ease after the new bridge was in for a rude shock.

Finally, here is something new; elections! Since we started we haven't had any major elections that caused serious traffic. In late November however the president called for early elections and the rest as they say is history. Even before the campaign kicked off the election was causing traffic, such as when the distribution of Mahapola scholarships was turned into a political event causing massive traffic on Baseline Road.

Enough of the stories, what about the numbers?

chart for the month of November

There were a couple of big spikes as you can see from the chart above but the average (mean) number of published traffic alerts per day was just 30.0 for the month. Compare against the number of 44.8 for the same period last year, but do bear in mind that Nov 2013 was the time during which CHOGM was held in Colombo.

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