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If it's not on it's not on the road Carpool service launched

March 3, 2015, 11 a.m. » carpool , carshare , sri lanka

We have been helping you avoid getting caught up in traffic jams for little over two years. Several times we hinted that we have a plan to actually cut down the levels of congestion on the roads. In December last year we named it and we provided a preview of that to coincide with the TweetupSL5. Yes we are talking about our long awaited carpool service. The system is now live at

share a ride for fun and profit

Initially it's available only in Sri Lanka but we hope to expand into other countries later on. How does it work? In a nutshell; people who are travelling in their own cars with empty seats provide lifts to others and get paid for it. Carrying an extra passenger costs almost nothing but the car owner can earn enough to pay his fuel bills. The passenger gets to travel in air conditioned comfort rather than hanging onto dear life in an overcrowded bus. For a longer explanation and FAQ please visit our help pages.

As more and more people choose to carpool the number of vehicles on the road will decrease and that would lead to a significant reduction in the travel times. In two different surveys we conducted it was concluded that bad driving is one of the worst causing of traffic and three wheeler drivers are the worst category of offenders. Thus every time you travel in a tuk tuk. Just think about it!

Share a ride now!

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