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Double the big match fun.

March 5, 2015, 6:30 a.m. » bigmatch , cricket , march

There's nothing like the sound of a papare band combined with the thud of a well seasoned bat meeting leather. No doubt you are eagerly looking forward to joining in the fun of the school big match. A chance to meet old friends, shout your lungs out and a bit of banter with the rival. You might even find the time to watch a bit of cricket as well! 

Why not make the fun last a little bit longer by sharing a ride to and from the cricket grounds?


Dharmaraja vs Kingswood 20th & 21st Pallekele Share a ride
Richmond Mahinda March 20, 21 Galle Stadium Share a ride
St. Joseph's Bandarawela vs BMMV March 20, 21 Bandarawela Grounds Share a ride
St. Joseph vs St. Peters 6th & 7th March P. Sara Oval Share a ride
Ananda vs Nalanda 7th & 8th March SSC Share a ride
Royal vs S. Thomas 12th to 14th March SSC Share a ride
DS Senanayake  vs Mahanama 13th & 14th March P. Sara Oval Share a ride
Prince of Wales vs St. Sebastians  13th & 14th March De Soyza Stadium Moratuwa Share a ride
Trinity St. Anthony's 13th & 14th SAC Grounds Katugastota Share a ride

Limited overs matches

Royal vs S. Thomas 28th March SSC Share a ride
Prince of Wales vs St. Sebastians 15th March    
Mahanama vs D.S 22nd March SSC Share a ride
Vidyartha vs St. Silvesters 22nd March    
Trinity vs St. Anthony's 21st March Asgiriya Share a ride
Dharmaraja vs Kingswood 29th March    
St. Joseph - St. Peters 14th March Premadasa Share a ride
Ananda Nalanda 15th March SSC Share a ride

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