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New words enter the Sinhala vocabulary.

March 9, 2015, midnight » carpool , rideshare , contest , sri lanka

Having launched our carpool service we were looking around for a suitable word from it in Sinhala. Apparently there wasn't one. So we decided to have a contest to see who could up with the best equivalent for the words carpool/rideshare in Sinhala. Some very creative people sent in their suggestions and it was a truely difficult task to find the most suitable entry. In the end, we decided to select two! And the Joint winners are :

Lakshman Illangakook for this suggestion of රියමුතුව
Rasanjana Mendis for සහසැරිය

Gentlemen please let us know your username so that we can credit the price money into your online wallet. Please convey this information in the form of a private message on our facebook page

මෙම සටහන සිංහලෙන්



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