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The year winds down, the traffic does not

March 17, 2015, 9:30 a.m. » election , december , summary

As the year drew to a close there was a small lull in traffic. That was in stark contrast to the rest of December and indeed the rest of the year.

The topic of conversation that dominated everything else during December was the presidential election. So it's only natural that traffic reports also took on a distinct political flavour. One of the biggest events on the political calendar was nomination day. It was a red letter day for road users with the heart of Rajagiriya cordoned off.

After nominations traffic didn't get all that much better. Sometimes entire city blocks were converted into meeting places where election rallies were held. These rallies were not confined to Colombo, they took place all over the country

In fact it impossible to do justice to all the political events that caused traffic during this month. They deserve a seaparate blog post of their own. Please check back in a few days. While offline world obsessed with the presidential nominees, the Sri Lankan twittersphere had a different obsession. Selecting a Mr. and Mr. Tweep! Yes we are talking about the TweetupSL5. This was the event at which we offered preview of our carpool system

But why is the TweetupSL item here? Well it's a foot traffic report! But getting back to the streets, we report about accidents only if it's causing traffic or to increase awareness about roads safety. This incident seemed to meet both criteria.

Protests marches are a common feature in our traffic summary reports but this month they pulled something different out of the hat.

The police had first received news about a march to Temple Trees. However it turned out to be just minor demonstration near Lake House while a much bigger demonstration was headed towards University Grants Commission on Ward place. Protesters had feinted with the right and hooked with the left.

There was quite a bit of rain towards the end of the month and it resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being displaced. Again that's a topic that needs a post of it's own. We have created another blog post that covers the floods in detail. But for now let's get to the numbers. As you can see from the chart below it was really busy time for us. In fact december was the busiest month with 42.4 traffic reports published on average each day. This number is marginally higher than the figure of 41.9 for May 2014 wwhen lots of different factors combined to create unbearable levels of congestion. The overall record still belongs to November 2013, when Colombo was CHOGMed.

traffic chart for December 2014

It has become a habit to wind down these summary reports with a entry that shows building new roads isn't the solution.

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