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Lot's of improvements to the carpool service.

March 29, 2015, 5:15 a.m. » carpool

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It's been exactly four weeks since we announced our carpool service. That was on the first of March. Have we been idling since then? Far from it! We have been continuously making small changes to the code that powers to site to fix a few minor issues and make other improvements.

There were two issues perhaps shouldn't be called minor. The first one was an error when attempting to register using Google+ . As you know instead of signing up with a username and password you can register on with the help of your social media account. Currently Facebook, Twitter and Google+ login are all supported. For a few days after the launch, some (but not all) those who tried to register this way ran into a strange url mismatch error. It was a bit hard to figure out but we did.

The second major issue, though not exactly a bug was a complaint about the number of email notifications that the system sent out whenever a new ride share match has been found. We compare each new ride that's added to the system against those that have been previously saved to see if we can pair off a driver and passenger. Thus if 15 such matches were found that meant 15 emails. But not anymore. We changed things up sending these emails in batches. Then we took things a step further by adding a page where you can customize your notification settings. At first there were only two settings get these emails or unsubscribe from them. Now there's four. And to our great regret quite a few users unsubscribed. If you are one of them please accept our apologies and see if the notification settings are to your liking.

Ok now for the really minor matters; one complaint was that the route overlap was hard to see with the choice of colors we had used on the map; that's changed. Then we added social media buttons to the same page so that you can post them on Twitter and Facebook. We made a couple of other teeny changes not worth writing too much about but we did write a lot - yes new documentation added on the help site.

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