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Cashing in on empty car seats

April 1, 2015, 1:45 p.m. » carpool , press
Tehan recently opted for a new way to reach Colombo from Galle, his hometown : He skipped the train ride and hopped in a car pool he had booked on his mobile phone. “It takes less time, and the price is great” said Tehan. The 28-year-old executive of a private company in Colombo is one of a growing number of people working in the metropolis who are relying on ride-sharing to travel to or from their hometowns. Introducing this new service is a homegrown startup called, pproviding a more earth-friendly way of transport by having more people using one vehicle which reduces each person's travel costs such as fuel costs, tolls, and the stress of driving

That's an extract of an article titled 'Cashing in on empty car seats' that appeared on the Daily Mirror today. Coincidentally it's exactly a month since we started our carpool service. Since then we have seen nearly 5000 rides been posted and the numbers are encouraging. It was only on the 25th of March that we reached the 3,000 mark. But the 4,000 mark was reached just five days later. Clearly there is rapid acceleration.

On the day that we launched the service was an article on the Sunday Times titled 'Making inroads into city traffic'. The article being published on the same date was another coincidence for we hadn't yet finalized the launch date when Ms. Vinusha Paulraj conducted that interview.

What you know for is not exactly what Raditha Dissanayake had in mind for the site. After a fair share of glowering in traffic, his intention was to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets.

“I read that young people in Europe would rather buy a phone than a car,” which in turn got him thinking if alternate methods of transport were developed in Sri Lanka, the sentiment would be a common one among youngsters in the country. Originally Raditha says the website was set-up to facilitate an effective system of carpooling, but the ancillary traffic updates are what “really took off.”

We would like to thank both the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Times for these articles.

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