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Share a ride for the new year.

April 8, 2015, 12:15 p.m. » carpool , new year , sri lanka

In 2014, getting home for the new year was quite a nightmare. Some people spent as much as eleven hours on the road to cover about 160 kilometers. The traffic was that bad. It was one of those rare occasions when our crowd sourced traffic alert system couldn't help much either because all the alternative long distance routes were blocked up too. But this year we have something better!


Those who opted to take the bus found things even worse those who went by car. Not only did they have to contend with the gridlock in every town on their route but they had to stand in long queues to board one in the first place. Train travelers didn't have to contend with traffic jams. On the other hand, boarding a train was harder than catching a bus. Despite the availability of several special trains the queues were really long and trains crowded. Putting more buses on the road would just make the traffic worse. The solution is to place some of those long distance travelers into cars with empty seats.

But why would anyone want to carry a passenger? Well you can get paid for it to begin with. Secondly you will be helping to clear up the chaotic mess that's new year traffic. That in turn means you will have to spend less time on the road to get to your home town. Last but not least you will be helping someone like you get home safely.

You can learn more about our carpool service here or read the FAQ or just ask for a lift or offer a lift here!

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