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Colombo turns green

April 15, 2015, 7:10 a.m. » carpool , traffic , avurudu , colombo , green

Has everyone in Colombo suddenly acquired an environmental conciousness? No more land fills, cutting down trees or new roads? Sadly no it's just that all the traffic markers on the map turned green. Obviously a green marker means that you can travel smoother through an area that's usually horribly jammed.  Most people who sent in their traffic reports today wished that it would remain that way after the holiday. There is no reason why it shouldn't.

Colombo empties for the Sinhala/Hindu new year

This lack of traffic isn't because the streets have been widened overnight or new ones have been built. Far from it. The reason for the smooth flow is the mass exodus that usually happens during the Sri Lankan new year. To state the obvious, it's because there are no cars on the streets. Taking cars off the road is the only permanent solution to the problem because traffic always expands to fill up road space available.

You absolutely need your car?   That' fine. Do drive to work but please do give someone a lift when you do so. That way you are either taking car or a three wheeler off the road or removing one extra person from crowded buses. Helping someone else while helping yourself! That's not all, when you carpool you will really be working towards making Colombo a green city. None of it involves any sacrifices on your part, in fact you get paid for!

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