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Papal visit revisited

April 27, 2015, 11 a.m. » papal visit , colombo , madhu

People complain about traffic everyday, specially when some state event results in road closures. By that yardstick the CHOGM was the most unpopular event that was held in Sri Lanka since we started our traffic alert service. Pehaps even the most unpopular event ever! Almost everyone was complaining about it.

When his holiness visited too roads were closed for long periods of time. Sometimes these closures lasted through entire rush hour, yet there were almost no complaints at all.

This blog post is an aggregation of tweets that were seen at the time. We published some of them as traffic alerts but others clearly do not fit that category. We are publishing them here to preserve the moment as part of Sri Lanka's digital history.

All seems to mean all Sri Lankans not just Catholics.



Did you notice the roadhog bus driver trying to make a left turn from the right most lane?



The Galle Face was deserted on the 10th but that was the lull before the storm. Even though the mass was on the 14th the grounds started to fill up from around noon on the 13th with many people arriving early to grab the best spots




Look at that crowd! later estimates of the crowd almost doubled that figure of 300,000 quoted in this tweet.

This apparently is the gentleman who was in charge of the traffic arrangements. He can be justifiably proud of himself for job well done. Pulling off the biggest ever gatherings in Colombo without any glitches or complaints is no mean feat.

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