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May 3, 2015, 12:11 p.m. » newsletter

You take the highway, we pay the toll.

Share a ride across one of the expressways in Sri Lanka and we will pay the toll for you! This is in addition to the payment you will receive from the passenger for the ride.

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It's now two months since we launched our carpool service and we have passed many milestones during that time. For example earlier this week, we crossed the milestone of 12,500 rides being posted. Now the number stands close to 15,000 with almost 500 new rides entering the system on any weekday. That means it's easier than ever to find a matching ride and successfully complete a carpool.

Click through to the traffic alert service and the numbers are even bigger. We have now published more than three million reports worldwide. We regretably had to temporarily halt the moderation of these traffic alerts for several countries but they continue to be published. Lack of staff with knowlede of conditions in different countries make moderation rather diffuclt. But we hope to resume moderation and start tweeting traffic reports once again. Traffic alerts for Sri Lanka continue to be moderated and the 25,000th alert was published in April.

A limit on the price.

Haven't accepted a lift offer because you felt that the price was too high? We feel the same way too! Our stated objective is to allow our users to get a ride th at's safer more comfortable and yet cheaper than using a taxi. Regretably we have noticed some of the lift offers posted have been rather highly priced and we are compelled to impose an upper limit on the rate per kilometer. This price is being fixed at Rs 45.00 per kilometer for all new rides. Rec urring rides that have been posted prior with a higher price will be automatically adjusted to this new maximum rate as well.

Share a ride every work day.

Do you want to share a ride to and from office everyday of the week? Please consider posting a recurring event. When you do that the system would automatically create a new rid e for you everyday and find matches for that new ride and save you the effort. The carpool service is available only in Sri Lanka at the moment but we hope to expand to other countries real soon.

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