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Rajarata Flooded

May 7, 2015, 12:14 a.m. » flood

In December, a large proportion of traffic alerts were in fact flood alerts. Mostly we deal with city streets getting inundated after a heavy shower and call them wet spots. But this was something something very different. It lasted for days hundreds of thousands of people were sadly displaced. Tragically it happened at around the tenth anniversary of the Indian ocean tsunami that struck the country drawing inevitable and countless comparisions in the media.

This is probably the worst flooding to have hit Sri Lankan in fifty years but was it the highest rainfall in fifty years? No. Persistent steady rain resulted in large parts of the country, mostly in the dry zone becoming under water. We blame the destruction of wetlands and paddy fields

With Pollonnaruwa being one of the worst effected districts, the water level was right upto the platform in the Mannampitiya Railway Station. It's no surprise that the long distance train services came to a shuddering stop. Bus services fared no better. Not just because the roads were impassable but because many operators were also effected by flooding



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In some places the water came right upto the top of the bridges, went over them and in a few cases washed the bridge away.



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In Sri Lanka traffic police officers get a lot of flak, but sometimes they get well deserved bouquets too

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