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February a quiet month

May 15, 2015, 8 a.m. » february , traffic , summary

After the severe prolonged traffic jams of January, February turned out to be a real quite month. That was inspite of many roads being closed for independence celebrations and rehearsals. As usual the police prepared elaborate traffic plans and as usual the times at which the roads were opened or closed had little relation to the plan.

Except for independence celebrations and a political rally in Nugegoda all the traffic was caused by the usual suspects. Like cows for example.

No really, cows and even elephants cause traffic very often. You will find plenty of instances when you browse through the archives. Admittedly they are not as bad as roadhogs.

Or parades

While roadhogs and people taking part in parades should get a lot of flak, people suffering breakdown (vehicle breakdowns not nervous breakdowns) deserve a it of sympathy

But like we said at the start it was a comparatively quite a month, so let's get onto the numbers but before that here's what hte rally in Nugegoda looked like

The chart below show the number of traffic alerts published each day during the month of February. As you can see there are three sharp spikes but on other days things have been rather quite. The spike on the 18th relates to the political rally pictured above when Nugegoda area because largely inaccesible.

All in all there was an average of 25.2 traffic alerts published each day with 0.9 of those reports saying 'no traffic'. The figures for January were 38.5 and 2.5 while for the average was 28.2 reports each day. This year, commuters were probably acclimatized to higher levels of traffic after December and January hence the lower numbers.

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