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Traffic in Wild Life Sanctuaries

June 5, 2015, 9:23 a.m. » safari , wildlife , conservation , elephants

A single traffic report for a national park would be one too many. Unfortunately we have seen quite a few of them. This post shows just a sampling. At the alarming rate that forests and even national parks are being bulldozed in Sri Lanka, it's no surprise that what remains tends to be over crowded. It's not just by wild animals but vehicles and people. Sadly the authorities seem to think national parks are a money spinner rather than the last refuge of many species of endemic animals. No effort is being made to regulate the number of visitors to the parks.


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There isn't a traffic jam here. What's wrong with this picture? The vehicles are getting far too close to the elephants which effects their natural behaviour


But this one really should be ok right? After all this particular traffic jam is caused by animals. Look again, these are not wild animals but domesticated cattle that have made their way into the park. In fact there are large herds of cattle that have more or less made a permanent home inside wild life parks.

Yes, the solution really is simple, less jeeps more elephants.

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