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Roadmap for the android app

June 16, 2015, 2:22 p.m. » android app

We just released a new version of our andoird app today. It's just an simple bug fix release to tide thing over while we roll out the roadmap for it. And the road has many branches. Literally. At the moment the app features out crowd sourced traffic alert system and has a GPS tracker these will be split up into separate apps. The existing app will be preserved to support users with older devices.


The website has moved a long way ahead of the android app. It's been three months since we launched our carpool service and unfortunately we have not yet been able to release the android app for it. But that's going to rectified soon.

GPS Tracker.

As already mentioned the GPS tracker is going to be spun off and made into it's own separate app. This will enable us to make several enhancements to this feature without adding bloat for those who only use the present app for traffic alerts.

Traffic Alerts.

Being a standalone app will pave the way for us to add a load of new features while simplifying the user interface. One of the new features planned is a notification feature. That means even if you forget to check for traffic alerts before you start a journey we will send you a message when there is traffic up ahead

Mystery app.

What's that? We have another exciting app planned. Stay tuned for details.

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