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New Year Traffic

Aug. 20, 2015, 7:30 a.m. » new year , traffic , summary

In the month of April, traffic in Sri Lanka takes on a distinct pattern. During the first few days it begins to build up slowly, then schools are let and you would expect commuting to be a bit easier but the exact opposite happens. But then, all of a sudden the traffic clears up. Vehicles seem to disappear completely from the streets of Colombo. If you drove through the city in the rush our your biggest concern would be avoiding a speeding ticket.


How does that happen? It's because everyone goes on holiday during the Sinhala Hindu new year which falls in the middle of the month of April. But the traffic free period is preceded by chaos as everyone goes on a frentic shopping spree

When Colombo starts emptying, vehicles clog up the arteries leading to the provincial cities. The newly built expressways werent spared either. While It's not unusual for the Katunayake expressway to get congested (particularly at the toll booths), things aren't yet so bad on the southern expressway. But it's a matter of time. With the ever increasing number of vehicles and Murphy's law of traffic, the southern expressway will look more and more like it did during the new year rush.

After the holidays the traffic starts to build up again towards the end of the month. Usually it isn't as hihg as it was in late march because many school children are still on holiday. Unfortunately this years schools reopened early. Some protest marches and heavy rain didn't help the situation either.

Inspite of all this, majority of users opined that the traffic wasn't as bad as the new year season in 2014

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