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The emperors new traffic plan.

Oct. 6, 2015, 10:27 a.m. » flood , traffic , summary

The first visit to Sri Lanka by a Secretary of State of the USA in more than 40 years took place in May, naturally we had to have a special traffic plan. Inspite of the visit coinciding with Vesak, things went rather smoothly. That's very different from the emporer's new clothes type traffic plan we had later during the month. On that occasion the police just said there is a new traffic plan in operation between Polduwa Bridge and Horton Place. Even after a couple of weeks, no one seemed to know what exactly the traffic plan was other than the fact that it involved random road closures and reopenings.

May really was a month of new traffic plans. There was one in Matara for the Victory Day or Remembrance Day celebration and there was another plan in Battaramulla to commemorate the fallen heroes. And then there was a new one way traffic plan in Thimbirigasyaya

Building new roads or widening existing ones doesn't eliminate congestion in the long term. but Kaduwela is a special case. This bridge is right at the town center. Just before it you have a junction where the New Kandy Road, the Avisswella road and the Low Level road all converge. The old bridge is only a single lane while the new Kandy Road is two lanes wide. On the other side of the bridge we have the Biyagama road which is also two lane for a short distance. It's a classic example for a bottleneck.

As a result Kaduwela junction is always bad, but if you do see a traffic report on that means the traffic is worse than usual because that's when most of our users send in their traffic alerts

Sometimes it's the exact opposite. A location that's always packed solid suddenly clears up and becomes a cause for celebration

It's very rarely that we cover accidents, specially from rural areas. That's because accidents are more often a news story rather than a traffic alert. But of course sometimes we get to hear about accidents the moment after it happens and they do happen to be causing traffic like this one for instance. Two buses running into each other on a road that's just wide enough to accommodate them lead to chaos.

Sometimes people get the wrong impression that we have a bias when we report about political rally induced traffic. In the period after the presidential election, until the general election was announced,  only one party seemd to be holding political rallies so balanced coverage simply isn't possible!

Flooding is a much safer topic

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