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Traffic Alert Contest Winners

March 11, 2016, 7:13 a.m. » traffic , contest , winners

Thank you for taking part in our 'Fight the traffic and win great prizes' contest. The contest has ended and now it's time to announce the winners. Selecting the winners wasn't easy. In fact it was very difficult. There were so many worthy entries and selecting a few from among them was extremely hard. So hard that we had to ask an independent judge to step in. If you missed out this time please stay tuned we will be announcing a new contest on the 15th. 

Here are the winners of the Rs 1000 ride share credits.

  • Miyuruhansi
  • Dhivaagar
  • RDFrank_07
  • IlhamS
  • Samuels_Mum
  • BrianMorenze
  • dinukamp
  • jackpoint627
  • thila794
  • UpulTR


These contributors have won a USD 10.00 Amazon gift voucher

  • Gafoor?
  • DJSlash9
  • Spooky_Flyer93


And now the grand winner of the USD 40.00 Amazon Gift Voucher!



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